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About Orchard House

"Understanding and Fulfilling the needs of Children and their Families"

The Mission of Orchard House Day Nursery is to support and strengthen families.

Educational Objectives

Children drawing and writing

Orchard House Day Nursery is well resourced and provides children with the opportunity to take part in varied and interesting learning pursuits, which are all closely supervised by our fully qualified nursery team.

All the educational activities are carried out in a safe and supportive environment, where every child is encouraged to discover different materials, solve problems, develop and understand social interaction.

Our curriculum commences with nurturing the baby’s natural capacity for learning, eventually progressing into a complete programme of activities that will assist the child in becoming sociable, confident and inquisitive. A large amount of learning takes place within the nursery through discussion of objects, activities and events that occur in their everyday life.

Children are encouraged to play and work together on activities they have indicated they would like to participate in as well as more structured tasks instigated and conducted by a member of the nursery team.

Additional Education

Happy boy holding bird feeder

In addition to language, literacy and mathematical skills, Orchard House Day Nursery endeavours to encourage creativity, personal, social and emotional development, enjoyment of music and physical well-being as well as an appreciation of the world.  The variety of activities undertaken include sand, water, creative play, malleable materials, books and stories, music and sound, construction, cooking, imaginative play, physical play, investigation and table-top toys.

We understand the importance of children being aware of the different cultures that exist and so therefore, this is incorporated in their learning programme, while the upper age limit utilise computers containing educational software.

Excursions are considered an important part of a child’s development and so therefore regular day visits to farms, zoos, the theatre and other venues are organised.  However, parental consent is always sought before pursuing any activity.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Safe child riding pony

The Mission of Orchard House Day Nursery is to support and strengthen families, which is effectively achieved by:

  • ensuring that children are cared for in secure and nurturing surroundings
  • highlighting the needs of children and their families
  • encouraging the commitment of public, private, and business resources to fulfil these requirements

Our Success will be based on our philosophy that all young children enrolled in early childhood programmes should experience a reassuring, friendly and enriching environment during their time away from home.   Children at Orchard House Day Nursery originate from diverse populations, which allow them to learn cultural and ethnic sensitivity from one another. Children also have a range of abilities and individual interests which they are able to share with their new friends, broadening their fundamental knowledge in everyday activities.

Our Team

Our team at work

Orchard House Day Nursery’s priority is to provide the high quality care that your child deserves. Therefore, we ensure that every member of the nursery team has gained a recognised childcare qualification and an approved Health and Safety qualification in First Aid and Basic Food Hygiene.

Every member of staff is encouraged to further their formal childcare qualifications and gain additional experience and skills.  This is achieved either through ongoing in-house training or alternatively attending external courses and workshops.

Orchard House Day Nursery is managed by our Nursery Manager who gained her managerial role because of her wealth of knowledge and expertise in childcare.  Our Nursery Team has therefore been selected to reflect the same high standard of skills and abilities that ultimately enable an impeccable level of care and education to be achieved.  We have earned both the trust and respect of parents who currently entrust their child in our care through the high principles that we continue to maintain.

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